Thursday, December 31, 2015

192: Jon Acuff, Star Wars at Disneyland, and a Marketing Blunder at Costco




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The Big Ticket Dashboard (must-have free plugin that works on any website)

30 Days of Hustle (30 Second Headline Generator)

NiftyClicks (Discover the best online tools and resources)

Submit Your Website For Review (on the Internet Intervention Segment)

Big Lessons Book (Andrew’s NEW book for small business marketing strategies)

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Jon Acuff used to be Dave Ramsey’s right-hand man, and these days he’s a prolific author and an advocate for entrepreneurs.  In this interview we cover the gamut of marketing and entrepreneurial topics.  Be sure to signup for Jon’s 30 Days of Hustle program, which will help you kickstart your business in 2016.

In other news, there’s a new movie out called Star Wars, maybe you’ve heard of it?  I’ll show you how Disney is cashing in on the brand at their theme parks.

And finally I’ll show you a marketing blunder I spotted at Costco.  Avoid making the same mistake in your business!

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