Thursday, January 28, 2016

196: Hollywood Actor Glenn Morshower aka Aaron Pierce from “24” “Supergirl” “Transformers” and Silly Supermarket Signage




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Last week I highlighted the ridiculous supermarket sign that tells customers to count to 15 with their 3 hands!
That would prove difficult for most people but I’ve come up with a creative solution!

While on the subject of supermarkets, The Ralph’s chain in California has implemented giant screens over their checkouts.  The problem is, there’s no explanation of the 3 circles on screen.  Nothing.  I asked 3 staff and no one knew!  Hmmm…

My special guest for this episode is the actor Glenn Morshower, who seems to be on the big and small screens everywhere!  He’s been in more than 200 TV shows and movies, including his now famous role as Secret Service agent and protector of the President, Aaron Pierce, in the hit Fox TV show “24” with Kiefer Sutherland.  We talk about how Glenn manages to get so many roles so easily, and how he stands out from the crowd during auditions.  Glenn also enjoys speaking on tour, with a program called “The Extra Mile”.

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