Thursday, January 21, 2016

195: Snickers Personalized Packaging and Pt2 of Interview with Business Coach Rob Berkley




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Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

The Big Ticket Dashboard (new training system for selling high-priced products and services)

Vision Day (Rob Berkley)

NiftyClicks (Discover the best online tools and resources)

Submit Your Website For Review (on the Internet Intervention Segment)

Big Lessons Book (Andrew’s NEW book for small business marketing strategies)

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Have you seen these Snickers bars with different words on them?  It’s a great example of personalized packaging.  Initially I thought they were named after the 7 dwarves, but then I realized that there’s no dwarf named Goof Ball!  It’s an interesting marketing lesson for your small business, in product personalization.  Coca cola have done something by giving bottles of Coke people’s first names.

This episode also features part 2 of an interview with master business coach, Rob Berkley, who’s Vision Day concept has become one of the most helpful ways for entrepreneurs to evaluate and take their business to the next level.  We discuss questions 7 to 12, to help you lead a happier, more successful life.  Enjoy.

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